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Administration Process

  • On admission there are several forms that need to be completed. You will be directed to our Document Co-ordinator who will complete all necessary documentation with you.
  • All fees are payable one month in advance and this can be paid to the Administration Secretary on the day of admission. A Centrelink form is to be completed to have your pension sent directly to St Simeon Village bank account. This is the preferred method of payment, however, we do accept payment by direct debit, cheque, credit and EFT.
  • Labelling personal belongings is important and the responsibility for security is with the resident, so high monetary items are best kept with family or in a bank safe deposit box.
  • Discuss all non-prescription medications with the nursing staff and general practitioner. Non-prescription topical creams, herbal remedies and vitamins should be declared to staff.
  • The facility supplies basic necessities such as toothpaste, soap and toilet paper.
  • St. Simeon Village is a non-smoking facility.
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